The mission, vision and values which ensures the success of Lerwick Port Authority.


The Port Authority is entrusted to manage, maintain and regulate the port and harbour of Lerwick, in an efficient and safe way for the benefit of all stakeholders.

To satisfy customers’ needs in the delivery of competitive port services and be proactive in identifying new opportunities which will sustain and grow the Shetland community.

With 140 years of experience, to ensure the port and its infrastructure remains relevant to future shipping generations and plays a key role in the economic life of the islands.


What we work to deliver for:

  • Our Stakeholders – we provide modern, self-funded, port services to international standards, and strive for excellence.
  • Our Customers – delivery of a quality service is innate; we create practical and innovative solutions to any challenge.
  • Our People – custodians of the Authority, our Board Members and staff are engaged and determined to succeed.
  • Our Partners – we have high expectations and continue to support partner organisations to grow.

Culture and Values

  • Helpfulness – delivery of quality services in a professional, friendly manner, our actions make a difference.
  • Skill and dependability – we are adept, experienced and versatile.
  • Safety and Environmental awareness – embedded into our way of working.
  • Engagement – listening and recognising when action is required, we do the right things for the right reasons.
  • Commitment – taking pride in our service and investing for the future to sustain the Authority for coming generations.

Standards to create the culture of Lerwick Port Authority

  • Respect – treat others as you like to be treated yourself.
  • Integrity and Trust – be honest, trustworthy and fair in all that you do
  • Ethical – be non-discriminatory and even-handed to show equality.
  • Commitment and Engagement – do the right thing, be a team player and professional in your approach.
  • Proactive – be confident that it can be done and will be done, in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Responsible – take ownership and accountability for your actions.
  • Communication – a two-way process, be responsible for your communication and ask, listen and contribute.
  • Attitude – a positive attitude based on confidence and learned through gaining knowledge and understanding of yourself and others.

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