Across all marine operations, there is a commitment to implementing the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) to ensure safety management meets nationally agreed standards.

Significant safety risks are identified and evaluated with suitable control measures put in place to manage them. The Authority’s fully integrated HSEQ management system incorporates marine safety management through the development of plans and processes covering navigation, environmental protection and conservancy in its area of jurisdiction. Overall performance of the marine safety management system is reported in the Authority’s business review, published annually.

Navigational Safety Policy

Key processes include:

  • Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of, and if necessary, seeking amendment to, its legal powers in respect of navigational safety.
  • Providing an experienced and competent pilotage service, as required by the Pilotage Act 1987.
  • 24-hour port management system.
  • Regularly inspecting, reviewing and improving the performance of surveillance systems through technical enhancement and development of staff and management.
  • Capturing all radar and VHF communications to aid incident investigation.
  • Maintaining records of all commercial vessel movements within the port.
  • Preparing, publishing and regularly testing emergency response plans to ensure effective management of any marine related incident within its area of jurisdiction.
  • Conducting conservancy inspections and hydrographic surveys to ensure safe marine assets and efficient navigation within the areas of jurisdiction.
  • Publicising effectively navigational, tidal, hydrographic and other relevant information to port users.
  • Ensuring that hydrographic data is distributed and made available to the UK Hydrographic Office for onward circulation to mariners.
  • Undertaking duties of a Local Lighthouse Authority and providing necessary aids to navigation within port limits, to include navigation buoys, beacons and lighthouses, as per Northern Lighthouse Board requirements.
  • Marine navigational operations to ensure their continued effectiveness.

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