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Faroese Flag Flotilla

Faroese Flag Flotilla

Six traditional ships are sailing as a "Faroese Flag Flotilla” from the Faroe Islands to Denmark this year to celebrate the centenary of the first raising of the Faroese flag on 2 June 1919.

The flotilla are planning a stopover at Lerwick between Thursday 13 June and Friday 14 June and will be berthed at Victoria Pier for their stay. 

All vessels will be open to the public to learn about their importance in the development of the Faroe Islands from a peasant society to a modern fisheries nation. Visitors are welcome onboard at the following times 2pm-6pm Thursday 13 June and 3pm-6pm Friday 14 June, with appetisers of Faroese fish products served at 3.30pm. 

Read more about the Faroese Flag Flotilla and their vessels: 

Westward HO TN 54, 25.85m smack

Johanna TG 326, 25.6m smack

Norðlýsið TN 24, 20.90m schooner

Norðan KG 334, 10.20 motorised deck boat

Dragin KG 212, 18.85m schooner

Thorshavn, 20.30m galleass