Lerwick Port Authority

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Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

As a statutory harbour authority and major land owner, Lerwick Port Authority has environmental duties under the Harbours Act 1964 and other relevant legislation.

The Authority’s aims are to preserve the balance between commercial, recreational and environmental interests, while maintaining a sustainable and commercially viable port.

The emphasis on caring for the environment in all areas of development and operations is demonstrated by the Authority’s Environmental Plan, the commitment to continually improving its environmental performance and by being the first port in Scotland to achieve certification to the BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Standard during 2008.

The Authority’s environmental strategies have been designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing its impact on the environment.  This is achieved through effective implementation of a series of documented procedures and control measures including, operational control, fuel and energy monitoring, waste handling, segregation, recycling and disposal and emergency response. 

The Authority has identified the key aspects of its business that impact on the environment. This process is documented in the ‘Environmental Aspects Register’, which describes each environmental aspect, its impact on the environment and how significance is determined. Further information is available on request.

Integrated Management Systems

The Authority’s Environmental procedures and processes are drawn together with the existing BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and Port Marine Safety Code compliant system (held by the Authority since 1995) to create a fully Integrated Management System.  Integrated Management Systems are a key tool in identifying and controlling environmental, health & safety and quality issues in continually improving and monitoring performance; and in implementing a systematic approach to formal risk assessment.


Lerwick Port Authority’s full commitment to compliance with all applicable environmental and health & safety legislation and other requirements is detailed in its Policy Statements.

Environment and Quality Policy Statement

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Objectives & Targets

Lerwick Port Authority has developed a set of clear objectives and targets for improvement and a documented management programme to achieve them, with regular reviews for monitoring and continual improvement. Further information is available on request.


Lerwick Port Authority has set procedures to continually evaluate compliance with environmental legislation covering the harbour’s operations, including waste management, effluents and discharges, noise, storage, contaminated land, climate change and nature conservation, and to be aware of proposed national and European legislation. Further information is available on request.