AF Decom Offshore UK Limited, a subsidiary of AF Gruppen ASA, and Lerwick Port Authority are delighted to announce that they have entered into an Exclusivity Agreement with the intention of developing a deep water quay facility at Dales Voe, Lerwick, Shetland, as a decommissioning centre capable of meeting the growing UK requirement for the decommissioning of major structures located in the Northern North Sea.


AF Decom Offshore UK Limited and AF Gruppen ASA: AF Gruppen ASA is a listed contracting and industrial group. Our core business areas comprise Property, Building, Civil Engineering, and Energy. AF is a leading company in the Nordic countries when it comes to removal, demolition, environmental reconstruction and recycling of buildings, industrial plants and offshore installations.

Lerwick Port Authority: Lerwick is established as one of the principal deep-water harbours in the Northern North Sea, with extensive experience in the offshore oil and gas and decommissioning sectors.

Dales Voe: there is 12.5 metres’ water depth alongside a 52-metre quay, which is suitable for very heavy lifts; more than 20 metres’ water depth in the approaches and direct access to the North Sea. Warehousing is available from the Port Authority. Work is currently under way by the Port Authority to expand the already extensive laydown area which will facilitate the handling of decommissioning projects.

The base has also been identified in conceptual designs as a location suitable for a deep water quay of at least 20 metres’ water depth.

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