Lerwick Port Authority confirms that the remaining substructure of the former Buchan Alpha floating production unit broke free from its berth at Dales Voe Base overnight on Saturday, 2/Sunday 3 November in windy conditions and grounded on the west side of the voe, approximately a kilometre away.

There was no one on board at the time; no one was injured and no other shipping was involved.

It is not in a navigation channel and not a hazard to shipping.

The decommissioning project by Veolia/Peterson has reduced the structure to clean steel and there is no threat of pollution.

The crew of the Port Authority’s harbour vessel, Knab, visited the location and the structure appears stable and is not believed to be in danger of moving.

A Notice to Mariners has been issued.

A response plan is being be developed by Veolia/Peterson, including a survey when weather improves. The cause of the incident will be fully investigated.

The decommissioning contract is nearing completion.

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