The first phase of the current dredging project in Lerwick Harbour is nearing completion. Westminster Dredging Company’s suction dredger Waterway will leave Lerwick today (Wednesday 4 June 2008) after having removed close to 400,000 cubic metres of seabed.

A substantial part of the area being deepened to -9 metres water depth has been achieved by the Waterway removing the softer material which has been pumped to a reclamation site north of Greenhead.

The back-hoe dredger Manu Pekka is now removing the remainder, including rock. This rock is transported to the reclamation site by two barges and is being used to create the outer containment bund.

A drill barge Playmate has now arrived in Lerwick to blast the harder rock areas. Blasting will start in the middle of June and will continue until early September.

A second project being undertaken by Lerwick Port Authority is to increase the lay-down area at its Dales Voe Base. A contract has been awarded to F L Johnston to remove a quantity of material from the rock face at the rear of the Base. This rock is also being used by Westminster Dredging Company to assist the creation of the containment bund.

Sandra Laurenson, Chief Executive of Lerwick Port Authority, said “Progress has been good with the deepening and, of course, the visible part which is the reclamation site. Many people have driven out to watch the Waterway pumping-ashore but that phase is now at an end. With a large number of trucks now set to use the area, drivers are kindly asked not to park on the roadway at the north Greenhead access.”

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