The large floatel Kalmar that has occupied Albert Wharf since June is today moving to a new location at Holmsgarth, Lerwick.

The relocation has become necessary due to the barge moving very considerably in Albert Dock when there is strong wind from a southerly direction. This is causing stress to the mooring system and therefore the decision has been taken to transfer the floatel. The shallow draft of the barge under the waterline and the flexible fenders that the barge uses have contributed to the movement of the barge during windy conditions and it is not possible to improve this due to the gangway access to the Kalmar being on the lower deck.

The Kalmar is meantime moving to Holmsgarth berth 4. This berth was not available when the floatel arrived at Lerwick in June. The Shetland Gas Plant modules that came to Lerwick during 2013 were transferred through Holmsgarth to the gas plant site but these shipments are now complete. The Holmsgarth berth is available until the spring when a different offshore project is scheduled to use the area.

Meanwhile, a fourth accommodation barge Bibby Bergen is in Norway awaiting suitable weather for the tow across the North Sea.

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