Latest Strategy and Business Plan highlights ongoing developments

Building on high levels of activity and recent investment, Lerwick Harbour is positioned for another busy year and continuing development of infrastructure to meet users’ future requirements.

In his foreword to Lerwick Port Authority’s newly-published Strategy and Business Plan 2013, Chairman Harry Jamieson, notes that the harbour “is set up well for the future following the Port Authority's recent performance, along with the activities of the many port users, which has seen a period of growth in overall terms.”

It is anticipated that 2013 will be a busy year, with a continuation of significant harbour traffic from the four main industry sectors operating at the port – oil & gas, ferries and freight, fishing, and marine tourism from cruise ships and yachts.

Mr Jamieson states: “Forecasts for offshore oil and gas projects being supported from Lerwick over the next three years are very encouraging and the Authority's endeavours to keep pace with the size of ships now operating in this sector has paid dividends, with deep-water quays continuing to be provided on the back of a huge dredging project in 2008.

“A significant list of new capital projects continues to be delivered by the Authority, at the same time as costs and staff numbers are kept steady at a sustainable level.”

The plan continues the Authority’s commitment to maintain the port as an economic hub for Shetland, building on another successful year in 2012. As a Trust Port, all profits are reinvested in the harbour, with over £74 million having been invested in port assets since the 1960s.

The Plan notes: “With an ongoing Capital Programme of planned investment which will take several years to deliver, the Authority is conscious of its customers’ needs and strives to provide the infrastructure necessary to allow the industries using the port to flourish – 2013 is an exciting time with many projects on the drawing board and challenges ahead to prioritise these in an affordable manner.” Projects include:

  • Ongoing development of a deep-water quay at Dales Voe for decommissioning which, if constructed, would be the largest single investment in infrastructure yet at Lerwick.
  • A land reclamation and new quay project at Mair’s Yard will be completed this summer, providing the location for a replacement white fishmarket, with construction anticipated to start in 2014.
  • Following a new, deep-water berth at Greenhead Base becoming operational ahead of schedule last year to support a major subsea project, a 75-metre extension is due for completion this autumn.
  • Future quay projects all require either demolition or disruption at existing berths, necessitating new berthing prior to these, resulting in a planned development at Point of Scatland as a precursor to redevelopment of Gremista Quay and Holmsgarth north jetty.
  • The Authority continues to see demand increase for its land estate – with developed industrial estates all fully let, it is pursuing creation of more sites, including near Rova Head.
  • The Plan also identifies a number of future projects, including more deep-water berths, expanded lay-down, roll-on/roll-off infrastructure improvements and assessing support for onshore and offshore renewable energy projects.

The scope of the Plan includes strategic objectives; the integrated Health, Safety, Environment & Quality system; conservancy; investment in companies providing harbour traffic and operational income; repair & maintenance; community engagement and stakeholder benefits; marketing; and management & personnel.

The Plan can be viewed HERE and is being widely distributed to relevant parties, with copies also available by contacting the Authority at or on tel: 01595 692991

The Authority's recently redesigned and updated website, includes a ‘Lerwick Harbour Today’ dashboard, which brings together a range of daily harbour-related information at a glance.

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