Updated framework for meeting users' requirements

Lerwick Port Authority has detailed a series of objectives to meet its aim of running an efficient, cost-effective harbour, including continuing expansion of the infrastructure. The goals are featured in an interim Update produced ahead of publication of a new style annual report in Spring.

Commenting on activity, Chairman Brian Anderson notes: “Lerwick reached peak level in 2013 and 2014, largely driven by oil & gas projects, both onshore and offshore. We have been able to respond to this in a positive way and use the opportunity to provide ample port capacity for the future.”

The Update also notes that the changing requirements of port users and the Shetland community have required the Authority to be flexible in its approach to managing and operating the harbour. Peak activity saw some capital infrastructure projects accelerated.

The document identifies 20 objectives either delivered or advanced in 2016, across infrastructure; oil & gas, including decommissioning; fishing & aquaculture; ferries & cargo; cruise ships and yachts; marketing; health, safety, environment and quality, and personnel.

Milestones in 2016 have included completion of around £30 million worth of expansion projects, including an extended quay at Dales Voe and a new jetty at Holmsgarth North, with fishing, oil & gas and cruise industries benefitting, and installation of a replacement vessel monitoring system.

Ongoing objectives include progressing a new whitefish market, a replacement pilot vessel and a new heavy duty visitor pontoon. The Authority will also continue to market the port’s increased capacity and competitiveness across its market sectors.

View the Authority's latest Strategy and Business Plan Update 2015-16

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