The outlook for activity at Lerwick Harbour in 2011 is positive, following a better-than-expected performance last year, with increased traffic across several key sectors.

Commenting on the latest statistics, released today, Sandra Laurenson, Lerwick Port Authority’s Chief Executive, said: “There was growth in cargo, passenger numbers and in the pelagic sector in 2010, with activity overall exceeding our expectations. We’re forecasting a busy year across all sectors, with continuing growth - particularly in cruise tourism, oil and gas projects, and pelagic fish landings.

“Higher activity will be reinforced in the future by the ongoing development of facilities, underway or in planning.

“The value of recent investment is demonstrated in part by the fact that, while vessel numbers held steady in 2010, the port handled larger vessels, with a clear increase in tonnage of shipping and pilotage movements.”

During 2010:

  • Cargo increased 2.6% on 2009 to 845,294 tonnes. Oil-related cargo was on a par with 2009.
  • Passengers totalled 158,618, up 11% - including ferry passengers by 7% to 127,775 and cruise passengers by 28% to 30,843, both new records.
  • There were 5,342 vessel arrivals – up 13 (0.2 %), with the tonnage at 9.7 million gross tonnes increased by 6.6%. The 1,049 pilotage movements were up 21%, with 6.3 million gross tonnes of vessels piloted, a rise of 27% compared to 2009.
  • Fish landings at 81,630 tonnes valued at £68.5 million increased 15% on volume and 12% on value.
  • The 9,616 tonnes of white fish landed were valued at £15.7 million, down 0.7% on volume and 1.6% on value, with the average price per tonne stable at £1,632 per tonne.
  • Pelagic fish was up 17% on tonnage and value, with a large increase in autumn-caught mackerel.
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