The Inverness-registered (INS 353) Rosebloom is now alongside at Morrison Dock, with booms in place as a precaution against possible pollution. The vessel’s hull was damaged in the grounding.

Following the grounding at approximately 1am, the crew was removed by the Lerwick lifeboat, Michael & Jane Vernon.

An initial attempt by Lerwick Port Authority’s harbour vessels, Knab and Kebister, and a fishing vessel, the Fraserburgh-registered Faithlie (FR 220), to tow the Rosebloom off the rocks was unsuccessful.

Pumps were delivered to the Rosebloom and two crew returned to assist, with the Port Authority vessels in attendance.

The Rosebloom was towed off the rocks around 1pm, with the lifeboat standing-by.

The vessel will be surveyed and the cause of the grounding investigated.

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