The Duke of Rothesay's praise for fishing industry

In congratulating Lerwick and Scalloway on their new markets, The Duke of Rothesay said he was about to indulge in a little multi-tasking to be able to open both new fishmarkets. “This reinforces the fact that the fishing industry and its traditions remain a real cornerstone to the economy and way of life to the Shetland people.

“It is an amazing statistic to know that more fish pass through the Shetland Isles than England, Northern Ireland and Wales put together. I suspect many people don’t realise that.

It’s also wonderful…to know that Shetland is leading the way with its state-of-the-art electronic auction facilities. Unlike so many other fish markets, the auction system in Shetland links up to buyers across the world to sell its splendid fresh fish products.

“It’s also enormously encouraging that an industry so vital to the economy of the Shetland Isles is working hard continually to embrace sustainability, particularly through the Marine Stewardship Council. I’m looking forward, later in the day, to visiting the North Atlantic Fishery College in Scalloway to learn more about how this will benefit the fishing industry and the value of sustainability in the future.”

A selection of photos from the visit are shown below.

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