The attractions and advantages of Shetland’s fishmarkets are recognised by leading industry representatives in the final in a series of videos promoting the benefits of delivering catches to the islands’ harbours.

Having landed all over Scotland, Skipper James Anderson, Chairman of the Shetland Fishermen’s Association, believes Shetland is the easiest, with anything needed being there. Facilities are first class; savings can be made on time; proximity to grounds also means less fuel costs, and fish prices are very competitive.

Sheila Keith, the Association's Executive Officer, says Shetland is very important, with half the UK landings caught with 100 miles, coupled with excellent facilities making it the natural choice for anyone in Shetland waters. The location of the markets is perfect for boats working both to the east and west.

The video is the last in the Land in Shetland series, a joint initiative by Shetland Islands Council, Lerwick Port Authority, and local partners, highlighting through first-hand industry experience the advantages of using Scalloway, Lerwick and Cullivoe harbours.

The campaign will feature at this week’s (12-13 May) Scottish Skipper Expo in Aberdeen, with both the Council (stand 173) and Port Authority (stand 25) exhibiting.

James Anderson and Sheila Keith, Shetland Fishermen's Association

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