Lerwick Port Authority has published a 10-point action plan designed to meet its immediate strategic objectives for the harbour over the current two-year period.

Chairman, Leonard Groat, said: “While dealing specifically with 2006/2007, the updated Strategy and Business Plan will make a further significant contribution to the port’s long-term future and its major role in the Shetland economy.”

As a Trust Port, the Authority reinvests all profits in the maintenance and development of the harbour to ensure the varied requirements of customers continue to be met. The Strategy and Business Plan calls for further significant investment during the two years.

In addition to the management, maintenance and regulation of the harbour and continuously improving its environmental performance, the key objectives include investing in new port facilities; diversifying sources of income, especially where supporting core activity; attracting new business and continuing to satisfy customers; maximising quality and value-for-money for all services; and operating safely.

“The scope and scale of the activity mean that there are challenges to be addressed, issues to be resolved and initiatives to be realised,” said Mr Groat. “The document records recent and current developments and successes on which we will build and which add to our confidence that the port will continue to evolve successfully.”

The integrated action plans cover conservancy, environment, infrastructure, investment, events, marketing, personnel, quality assurance, repair and maintenance, and marine safety.

The infrastructure plan covers projects such as the recently commissioned pilot vessel/tug Knab, and the Authority’s plans for the town centre. These include the intended refurbishment of Harbour House and the rebuilding of the harbour wall adjacent to the small boat harbour, with the Authority working with Shetland Islands Council on associated improvements.

The Authority’s plans for dredging channels for improved vessel access and reclaiming land for use by industries have been delayed by a Court action by the Council, currently in the Court of Session. The Strategy and Business Plan notes: “It is an urgent priority for the Authority to seek resolution of this Court action and to re-tender the dredging project”.

Among projects listed in the investment plan are a newly created pad for decommissioning offshore oil industry structures, and the Authority’s significant investment in a factory extension for a fish-processing tenant.

Publication of the Strategy and Business Plan is central to the Authority’s commitment to accountability and openness and it is being distributed to a wide range of interested parties. It can also be viewed on the Authority’s website.

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