Members of Lerwick’s Up Helly Aa Jarl Squad warmly welcomed Viking Sea passengers ashore during her maiden call to Lerwick.

Marc Goudie, Photo by John Coutts
Marc Goudie, Photo by John Coutts

The brand new 47,842 tonne Viking Sea arrived for the first time at Lerwick on Wednesday 15 June, carrying almost 900 passengers onboard as part of a 15-day cruise visiting 3 countries and 12 ports.

The ship will make a return call to Lerwick on 23 June, as part of an ‘Into the Midnight Sun’ cruise from London to Norway.

Representatives from Lerwick Port Authority, along with the Guizer Jarl Mark Evans and his Viking squad members, experienced the ship’s Nordic splendour and enjoyed kind hospitality from the Captain and Cruise Director during a plaque exchange ceremony onboard.

Lerwick Port Authority looks forward to welcoming sister ship Viking Star to the port on 20 September 2016.

A record total of 79 ships are due to call at Lerwick this year, bringing an estimated 50,000 passengers to the islands.

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