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Harbour Charges 2017

22nd December 2016

New harbour tariffs published.

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Diversity of shipping adds up

24th October 2016

New quays expand versatile facilities

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Pelagic sculpture unveiled

8th October 2016

A new waterfront art installation 'Da Lightsome Buoy' celebrating Shetland's pelagic fishing industry.

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Cruise season closes at Lerwick with records smashed

5th October 2016

Record-beating summer on horizon for Shetland in 2017

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Captain Wheeler's final departure

30th August 2016

One of NorthLink's longest serving Captain's was honoured today (Tuesday, 30 August) with a series of celebrations at Lerwick.

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Latest vessel monitoring system in operation at Lerwick Harbour

19th August 2016

Improving efficiency and safety of operations

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Another big day for cruise season at Lerwick Harbour

12th August 2016

Largest cruise ship yet at Shetland port

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First vessels use extended quay at Lerwick's Dales Voe Base

28th July 2016

Significant milestone as final completion nears

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First-half mixed fortunes at Lerwick Harbour

25th July 2016

Cruise industry star performer

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Chairman appointed

25th July 2016

Brian Anderson has been returned as Chairman of Lerwick Port Authority for another twelve-month period at the Authority’s AGM in July.

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Big day for cruise season at Lerwick Harbour

28th June 2016

First of summer’s record-breaking vessels due

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First over the line

23rd June 2016

Arriving at 4.11am this morning, Solo 2, skippered by Rune Aasberg, is now proudly flying the Bergen Shetland Blue Ribbon today as the first to finish this year’s race across the North Sea from Norway.

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Shetland Race Yachts due at Lerwick

20th June 2016

This year the annual Shetland Race from Bergen will be at Lerwick from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June.

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Viking welcome for Viking Sea’s maiden call at Lerwick

16th June 2016

Members of Lerwick’s Up Helly Aa Jarl Squad warmly welcomed Viking Sea passengers ashore during her maiden call to Lerwick.

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Appointment of Board Members to Lerwick Port Authority

7th June 2016

Three Members of Lerwick Port Authority have been re-appointed to the Board of the Authority.

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More room at the top for yachts

18th May 2016

Lerwick restores full berthing with refurbished pontoons

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100th arrival of Statsraad Lehmkuhl at Lerwick Harbour

12th May 2016

Lerwick Harbour marks 100 calls of Norwegian tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl during the start of the 2016 season.

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Seasonal boost to activity underway at Lerwick Harbour

28th April 2016

Positive signs after first quarter fall in traffic

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Quartet of cruise records in prospect for Lerwick

21st April 2016

Longer-term outlook also positive

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‘Da Lightsome Buoy’

7th March 2016

Final sculpture design selected for Lerwick’s harbour front

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Handover highlights progress in £16.5 million Lerwick Harbour project

9th February 2016

Port charges unaffected by new infrastructure developments

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Traffic on forecast at Lerwick Harbour in 2015

27th January 2016

Range of port users a positive factor for 2016 performance

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