Preparing for your visit

7th October

Good forward planning will ensure that your time in Shetland is enjoyable and goes as smoothly as possible. We encourage you to make the most of your visit and to consider actions you can take to minimise risk within our community.

Domestic travel within Scotland

Travel is permitted both within Scotland and between Scotland and England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

To reduce the risk of coronavirus being brought into island communities, anyone planning travel to a Scottish island is encouraged to test before they depart. Lateral Flow Tests are available for delivery to your home, anywhere in the UK. It is recommended that you test three days before departure, and again on day of departure. If you test positive, you should complete your period of self-isolation before beginning your journey.

International Travel

From 4 October 2021, the international travel traffic light system has been simplified by merging green and amber classifications.

Travellers from non-red list countries who have been fully vaccinated no longer require to provide evidence of a negative test result before travelling to Scotland. Before travelling to Scotland, you need to make sure you have a record of your vaccination. You must check that you have been vaccinated in a country that meets recognised standards of certifications.

If you have been in a country or area on the red list at any point in the 10 days before arriving in Scotland, you will only be allowed to enter the UK if either you are British or Irish National; you have the right to remain in the UK (this includes if you have a visa to work or study in the UK) or you are travelling to the UK because you have a certain type of job or for essential medical treatment.

Before travelling to Scotland, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the latest international travel guidance and rules relating to testing, isolation and passenger locator forms. In addition, please note the following information specific to arriving at Lerwick Harbour:

Booking a Covid-19 test:

  • You must have a valid test booking reference from your Covid test package to complete the online passenger locator form.
  • If you test positive on a Covid-19 test, instructions will be provided on how to contact the NHS.
  • Use the CTM portal to select the closest arrival port to Shetland.
  • The 'UK Delivery Address' for your test kits can be: c/o Lerwick Port Authority, Albert Building, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0LL and we will arrange to deliver your test kits on arrival.


  • You can isolate on your yacht unless you arrive from a red list country, or meet any of the red list criteria.
  • Yachts do not have to stay in port for the duration of their isolation. You are free to come and go, with the exception that if you are isolating from a Positive test, you must follow any guidance issued by the NHS/Port Health Authority.

Passenger Locator Forms:

  • There is an option to add “General Maritime Port (Scotland)” for entry points not listed.

Brexit/Entering the UK

All pleasure craft arriving from outside the UK must report to Border Force prior to arrival.

EU/EEA Travellers must contact the local Border Force Officer for the relevant arrival location in order to be granted permission to enter the UK (see poster below for contact details).

Visiting yacht crews are advised to read the latest Government guidance for sailing your pleasure craft to the UK.

If Lerwick is your first point of entry in the UK, you must complete Form C1331 and arrange for this to be returned to the local Border Force Officer. This can also be returned to

Skippers are advised to contact Port Control prior to arrival to establish current status of local facilities, by telephone to +44 (0) 1595 692991 or by email.