Lerwick Port Authority

+44 (0) 1595 692991

Port Services

Comprehensive support services are provided by a range of skilled marine sector providers operating from Lerwick Harbour.

Animals Lairage

Serco NorthLink Ferries Ltd

Purpose-built lairage facilities incorporate permanent external pens, a covered area and housing pens and welfare facilities, four loading and unloading bays and external temporary sheep pens.


Cargo Handling


GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd

Peterson (UK) Ltd

Discharge by Grab; loading by Elevator.

Serco Northlink Ferries Ltd 

Tulloch Developments Ltd

Ship charter, loading & discharging by excavator, delivery with lorries.


Refer to British Admiralty Charts No. 3270, 3271 & 3272.

L.H.D. Marine Supplies Ltd

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office


Germany – Dieter Glaser – Tel: +44 (0) 1595 695 956

Sweden – Iain Tulloch – Tel: +44 (0) 1595 692 991

Container Handling

Lift on/Lift off up to 20 tons. RO/RO facilities.

1×20 m. and 1×7.4 m. wide hydraulic linkspans; 1×16 m. wide concrete ramp; 1×40 tonne and 1×140 tonne cranes available.

Covered Slipway

Malakoff Limited

Covered 30m x 350 tonne slipway.   


Peterson (UK) Limited

Tel: 01595 694242
100Te MHC 130S Harbour Crane - fleet of mobile/all-terrain cranes from 100Te to 220Te – other crane types/capacities available upon request.

Tulloch Developments Limited

55 & 70 tonne mobile cranes; up to 40 tonne/metre crane trucks; larger cranes and crawler available on request.


Public supply available at certain berths.


Hydrants on all quays. Local fire service.


Marine Gas Oil is available and supplied by tanker at most berths or at dedicated fuel bunkering points at Greenhead Base, Gremista and Holmsgarth. Oil bunkering points at some berths including deep water berths. Other supplies by main oil companies.

Highland Fuels Limited

T: +44 (0) 1595 694348

LHD Marine Supplies Ltd

T: +44 (0) 1595 693768

Peterson (UK) Ltd

T: +44 (0) 1595 694242

Scottish Fuels

T: +44 (0) 1595 693466


By Lerwick Port Authority on request.

Offshore Service Base

Greenhead Base has seven berths, up to 9m C.D. and over 780 metres of quays where Peterson UK Ltd operate a multi-purpose service base. All quays are operated by Lerwick Port Authority and are common user. The base also hosts a 20,000 square metre licensed quayside decommissioning pad (operated by Veolia/Peterson), fabrication facilities, engineering works, offices and warehousing, lifting and distrubiton, plus open storage and laydown. 

Peterson (UK) Ltd

Tel: 01595 694242

Oil and Chemicals

24-hour oil spill response provided by Lerwick Port Authority.  



Northern Isles Area Command, Telephone 101  

No dock police. Security services available.


UK standard conditions for towage and other services (revised 1983 and 1986) apply. 

Lerwick Port Authority Harbour Tugs available on request - 21.4 tonne and 24 tonne bollard pull. 

Tug Data Sheet [PDF format 1.6KB]


Public Weighbridge operated by Lerwick Port Authority, located at Holmsgarth, Lerwick.