Lerwick Harbour continues to evolve its support for the offshore oil and gas industry, based on over 50 years' experience of servicing exploration, production and development.

The advantages of the port’s strategic proximity to operations in the northern North Sea and Atlantic are complemented by well-developed facilities and services, making it one of the country’s leading marine centres for industry.

All quays are operated by the Port Authority and are common user. There are seven berths, with up to nine metres’ water depth at Greenhead where international company, Peterson Shetland Ltd operate a multi-purpose service base hosting decommissioning and fabrication facilities, engineering works, offices and warehousing, lifting and distribution, plus open storage and laydown.

Both the north and south harbour areas have water depths over 50 metres providing optional locations for the largest craft, used for deballasting, mobilisation, lifts and support operations. Lerwick is always accessible to construction and diving support vessels due to two entrances and north and south anchorages.

There is also deep-water berthing for rigwork and decommissioning projects at the sheltered Dales Voe base, with 12.5 metres water depth alongside.

More information on the Authority's future plans for supporting onshore and offshore oil and gas developments can be found on our Bulletins page.

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