We work closely with all harbour users to ensure a smooth-running, thriving port, and to safely manage the interface between leisure and commercial activities. Recreational users of the harbour are requested to read and observe Lerwick Harbour Byelaws, General Directions and Notice to Mariners for activity in the harbour.

The harbour is host to a range of popular on-the-water and onshore maritime events throughout the year.

Lerwick Marina

Situated at Gremista is Lerwick Marina, at the north end of Lerwick Harbour, about 2km from Lerwick town centre. It is run by the Marina Users Association, with whom an arrangement can be made to use a vacant berth for longer, temporary stays. Each pontoon is accessed by a security gate and water and electricity supplies are available.

Lerwick Boating Club

Just south of Victoria Pier, you will find Lerwick Boating Club which is a centre for sailing, rowing and other water related sports in Lerwick. The facilities include a bar, function room, free wi-fi, rowing equipment and pool/darts area. By visiting our Reception at Albert Building, harbour users can get access to the club’s showers and laundry facilities.

Personal watercraft

Any person operating a personal water craft within Lerwick Harbour comes under the oversight of the Authority and must abide its requirements. This means any vessel referred to as a jet ski, wet bike, water scooter, fun craft, towable water sports or other similar description which is designed to carry a person or persons standing, kneeling, sitting or prone upon the vessel which is propelled by a jet engine or other means of propulsion.

The following documents describe established good practice to ensure that you do not endanger yourself or others, or cause harm to the environment and wildlife.

Personal Water Craft Policy (326 kB)

Personal Water Craft - Leaflet (81 kB)

Recreational diving

Any person planning diving activity on or around piers, quays or wrecks in the harbour must seek permission from Lerwick Port Authority in advance. There are a number of marked wrecks within harbour limits and the surrounding area which are of interest to commercial and recreational divers.


Jumping into the sea or other body of water from a high platform, such as a pier, quay or cliff edge - presents a serious risk to individuals and harbour users. Tombstoning is not permitted in the harbour areas under any circumstance.


For safety reasons, swimming is not permitted within the channels and in and around any areas used by vessels for mooring, berthing or maneovering.

Respect the water

Give yourself a floating chance and learn how to survive if you unexpectedly fall into cold water. Respect the Water is the RNLI’s drowning prevention campaign, highlighting the risks of cold water shock.

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